Fremantle Media TV show brands licensed for mobile slot games

This story was published more than 15 years ago.

Following the growing trend among Internet gambling software providers to supply themed games based on popular movie, video game and comic series, mobile gambling provider Probability plc has inked a licensing deal with Fremantle Media Enterprises.

The multi-year, non-exclusive agreement involves a number of popular entertainment show brands as the basis for creating mobile phone slot games, including The X Factor, The Price Is Right, Play Your Cards Right, Blankety Blanks, Sale Of The Century and Hole In The Wall.

Probability will develop and distribute mobile slot games based on these popular titles to its mobile gambling customers.

Commenting on the agreement, Charles Cohen, Probability CEO, said: "We are delighted to have been able to secure the rights to these fantastic TV brands from FME. Slots are our most popular and profitable product segment, and I am confident that games based upon these brands will add significantly to our offering. The brands themselves are instantly recognisable and inspire loyalty and affection from the public. We're looking forward to realising them as a fantastic mobile gambling experience."

Source: InfoPowa News