South Carolina senate hearings on anti-gambling law from 1802

This story was published more than 15 years ago.

A senate panel in South Carolina heard submissions regarding the state's antiquated laws against card games this week as state legislators prepare to debate an 1802 law that makes dice or card games of chance illegal.

Charleston Sen. Glenn McConnell has offered two measures on the subject. One is the repeal of the ancient and now inappropriate law and its replacement with something more in tune with the times. The other is a constitutional amendment to allow churches and charities to hold fundraisers.

Submissions to the panel from some 60 interested parties this week included views that golf tournaments, bridge games and fishing competitions offer prizes, and the same freedom should be granted to poker games. Anti-gambling concerns also voiced were that legalised social poker could be a step closer to the introduction of profit-motivated casinos.

Source: InfoPowa News