PokerRoom players may now transfer to Bwin

This story was published more than 14 years ago.

Bwin is currently moving online poker players from its PokerRoom subsidiary across to Bwin in a move announced earlier this month. The move is being interpreted as an essentially rebranding initiative by industry observers, who have previously noted the lacklustre operational performance of PokerRoom.

A notification on the PokerRoom website advises players: “The long awaited transfer of PokerRoom accounts to Bwin has begun so it's time for all you PokerRoom players out there to move across to bwin and reap the rewards!

"To do this, simply log into your PokerRoom account and follow the prompts to the account transfer page where you will also find information about the great incentive package you will receive by moving across to bwin. The earlier you transfer, the better your incentive package so make sure you transfer your account soon!"

Bwin has included EuroPoker in its plans to beef up the main Bwin operational site.

Source: InfoPowa News

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