Party Gaming 2008 results: casino, sports, bingo up, poker down

This story was published more than 15 years ago.

Party Gaming plc may have started out as a primarily online poker destination, but the performance of this sector of its wider group activities was disappointing last year, judged by the 2008 full year financials released this week. Poker net revenues declined by $21 million to $274 million (2007: $295 million).

Elsewhere the outlook was rosier, with online casino net revenues up $31.8 million to $176 million; the more recent sportsbetting venture up $1.9 million to $18 million and Bingo up $2.4 million to $4.9 million.

Total net revenues reached $472.9 million, down $3.1 million on the corresponding period in 2007 after a "non-recurring net revenue adjustment" of $18.2 million.

Other highlights included:

  • Continuing Clean EBITDA up 29% to $144.2 million (2007: $111.7 million); total Clean EBITDA up 53% to $133.3 million (2007: $87.0 million)
  • The addition of DM plc and CIRSA to the Party Gaming portfolio of business-to-business (‘B2B’) customers
  • Cashflow from operations before working capital movements up 23% to $132.5 million (2007: $107.6 million) with group cash after client liabilities and progressive prize pools of $70.3 milion.

Commenting on the results, Jim Ryan, PartyGaming Chief Executive Officer, said:

“We are pleased to announce another strong set of results with Clean EBITDA from Continuing operations up 29% to $144.2 million. Our business model is both flexible and robust with a capacity to generate strong cashflow. Our brands and market position are strong and we have a healthy balance sheet with which to execute our business strategy. I believe that we are in an excellent position, not just to withstand the macroeconomic challenges that may lie ahead, but also to execute our strategy, create value for all of our stakeholders and achieve our long-term objective of becoming the world’s most valuable online gaming company.”

Regarding current trading he added:

“In the 5 weeks ended 4 February 2009, average gross daily revenue was $1,442,900. In poker, new player sign-ups increased to an average of 1,494 per day, and there were on average 51,000 active players per day generating average gross daily poker revenue of $756,700. In casino, gross revenue was $597,200 per day. In sports betting gross win per day was $75,700 and in bingo, average gross daily revenue was $13,200.

In the 4 weeks ended 4 March 2009, average gross daily revenue was $1,536,200. In poker, new player sign-ups averaged 1,550 per day and there were on average 51,100 active players per day, generating average gross daily revenue of $738,500. In casino, average gross daily revenue was $662,500, in sports betting, average gross win per day was $123,000 while in bingo it was $12,200.

“The Group has continued to make good progress in the first few weeks of 2009 despite the pressures of a highly competitive market and substantial year-on-year currency movements.”

Source: InfoPowa News

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