Spencer Bachus comments on 60 Minutes poker story

Spencer Bachus, the anti-online gambling representative from Alabama, was quick to respond to last weekend's 60 Minutes program on Internet poker, posting a statement on his website.

Bachus took an opposing view to almost the every knowledgeable writer on the subject by agreeing with 60 Minutes' controversial assertion that online gambling is illegal in the United States, saying:

Off-shore Internet gambling sites operating in the United States are all illegal and therefore, by definition, they are run by criminals. When you deal with criminals, you should expect to be cheated and taken advantage of.

“My concern is for our youth who are subject to becoming addicted to gambling at an early age. If you put a computer in a teenager’s bedroom, or in a student’s dorm room at college, it’s a temptation that many fall prey to.

“Those who have opposed my efforts to stop these criminal activities have claimed that these are simply games of skill in which adults should be allowed to compete against each other without hindrance.

“The revelations in The Washington Post and 60 Minutes stories show once and for all that these are criminal enterprises and that like all operations run by criminals, they steal from those who become involved with them.

“Hopefully, the publication of this information will warn people to avoid these unsafe gambling sites, but it is welcome news that the regulations to enforce the provisions of the law we adopted two years ago to stop these criminal activities are finally being put into effect.”

Source: InfoPowa News

Ed's opinion: This man either has no clue, is badly advised, or lives in another world. Regardless of his opinion of whether online gambling should or should not be illegal, his continued appeals to "think of the children" and use of outrageous sound-bites without any evidence to back them up in support of his personal agenda are tiresome.