Former PPA President Michael Bolcerek joins age verification firm

Readers will no doubt recall the early days of the Poker Players Alliance and the dynamic inaugural President of the organisation Michael Bolcerek, who has since moved on and has just been appointed by Aristotle International as Senior Vice President of Business Development.

Aristotle's Integrity product, which helps operators keep underaged wannabe gamblers and fraudsters at bay, will be Bolcerek's responsibility.

"Advances in technology enable effective age restriction for online activities such as online gaming, online lotteries, and social networks," Bolcerek said this week. "In a non-invasive process that still protects customer information and security, Aristotle ensures that kids don't access adult-focused Internet sites and sites are provided with the most stringent financial anti-money laundering and identity fraud controls.

"The biggest issues that I faced in trying to achieve success at the Poker Players Alliance were two: Kids accessing on-line poker sites, and problem gambling. Aristotle addresses both issues with services that are now used by leading online poker sites both in the US and in Europe."

Aristotle's Integrity service combines data from multiple sources, including government-issued IDs with sophisticated algorithms, and operates on a variety of platforms, including Internet, interactive voice response, mobile and hand-held devices.

Source: InfoPowa News

Editor's note: For some interesting further reading, Aristotle's Integrity software has generated quite a bit of controversy in the massively multiplayer online gaming arena, most notably in the Second Life game. Gamers have found that the software, while often able to verify the validity of supplied identity credentials, cannot verify that the player supplying the credentials is one and the same person. Hence players supplying credentials for dead celebrities such as Tupac Shakur or Anna Nicole Smith.