Antigua Jurisdiction

Information about the Antigua and Barbuda online gambling jurisdiction, licensing requirements, player complaints and dispute resolution process, and a sortable list of casinos licensed under this jurisdiction.


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List of casinos operated from Antigua and Barbuda

Long held as a popular tourist destination, Antigua has become so much more after bringing numerous Internet gambling companies to their land. In fact, Antigua was one of the first places to license and regulate online gaming. But being a pioneer in e-gaming wasn't necessarily a good thing since bettors deposited money in Antigua-licensed companies at their own risk. Fortunately, things have changed over the years, and Antigua is more serious than ever about promoting fair gaming.

Bodog CasinoVarious
Golden Euro CasinoRTG
iWager CasinoWorld Gaming
Linesmaker CasinoBetsoft
Players OnlyBetsoft, RTG
Sport Fanatik CasinoWorld Gaming
Sportsbook CasinoBetsoft, World Gaming

More information about Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua is yet another island with ties to the UK since they are a British constitutional monarchy. In regards to Antigua's location, the island is located east of Puerto Rico in the West Indies. The island of Barbuda, which is right beside Antigua, is also considered a part of this constitutional monarchy.

The Antigua and Barbuda government includes three parts: legislative, judicial, and executive; an appointed Governor General heads Antigua, and this person also represents the British Monarchy. But even with the British influence still in place in Antigua, the island has its own laws that include a relaxed view towards gambling. Unfortunately for Antigua, this view caused tension with the United States government and its restrictions on online gambling transactions, resulting in a number of World Trade Organisation disputes which Antigua eventually won.

Antigua Licensing Requirements

In the early 2000s, obtaining a license in Antigua wasn't difficult. But in recent years, Antigua has worked hard to improve its image by tightening up licensing requirements. Those wishing to operate in Antigua must first submit an application that will be reviewed by the Directorate of Offshore Gaming. The cost of an interactive gaming license is US$100,000 while an interactive wagering license fee is US$75,000.

Complaints and Dispute Resolution

Customer complaints involving companies operating out of Antigua and Barbuda should be leveled at the individual operator first. If this doesn't resolve the issue, customers are asked to contact the aforementioned Directorate of Offshore Gaming and make a formal complaint.

If a complaint makes it to the Directorate of Offshore Gambling, this branch will review the complaint and investigate it if necessary. Once the Directorate of Offshore Gambling has completed their investigation, they will get back to the customer with a ruling.