Alderney Jurisdiction

Information about the Alderney online gambling jurisdiction, licensing requirements, player complaints and dispute resolution process, and a sortable list of casinos licensed under this jurisdiction.


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List of casinos operated from Alderney

Alderney is another tiny island where giant gambling companies relocate to when they would rather not pay the taxes in their original locations such as the United Kingdom. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Alderney will give licenses away to just anybody since certain requirements must be met first. The following illustrates what these requirements are in addition to the gambling jurisdiction of Alderney itself.

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More information about Alderney

Alderney is an independent member of the British Crown, and is located in the English Channel between Britain and France. Despite being only 3 miles long, it is still the third largest island in the English Channel and Alderney has their own government and laws. Because of this, Alderney has been able to set up strong requirements that companies must meet in order to obtain licensing on the island.

Alderney Licensing Requirements

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission was created in 2000 to issue e-licenses to casino, poker, sportsbook, and lottery companies wishing to operate from within its borders. In 2006, the commission was upgraded when new provisions were granted to allow for businesses to set up mirror companies in Alderney while actually housing their main operations in another country.

In order for a gambling company to obtain licensing in Alderney, the business must first undergo an investigation by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. The company must also pay a fee of £10,000 to cover the investigation process. In order to pass and obtain licensing, the business needs to prove that it can operate reasonably and fairly; the gaming software must also pass compliance testing. Once the companies have passed these requirements, the last step to obtaining a license is paying an annual fee of £70,000.

Alderney is part of the UK Gambling Commission's online gambling whitelist, which means that it is legal for Alderney based online gambling sites to advertise in the UK.

Complaints and Dispute Resolution

Major complaints and other issues that players have with Alderney-licensed companies are usually solved professionally. The Gambling Control Commission has a formally documented player complaints procedure which is accessible via their website.

With the commitment Alderney has to making themselves accessible to gamers and the strict requirements on companies operating there, we regard Alderney as a top class regulator in the online gambling industry. There are few safer jurisdictions for you to risk your money at while playing online.