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WMS Gaming Progressive Jackpots

The jackpots listed on this page used to be available at Jackpot Party Casino. However in February 2014 Jackpot Party Casino was sold and the jackpots were discontinued. This page is preserved for historical record.


Total Jackpot Pool

Progressive jackpot statistics

JackpotValueAverage WinBiggest WinAverage TimeLast Won
Jackpot Party Blowout £1,076£745£1,51122h 8m
3y 48w ago
Jackpot Party Mega £14,229£24,511£52,4278w 2d
3y 50w ago
Jackpot Party Super £3,868£3,759£7,7805d 11h
3y 48w ago

WMS Gaming jackpots information

WMS Gaming launched its own casino, Jackpot Party, in 2011. At this point in time it is the only place that you can play WMS's catalogue of land based slot machines online with an attached progressive jackpot. Every game that you play at the casino contributes to a 5-level progressive jackpot pool. Each of the jackpots can be won at random on any spin on any game in the casino. You are not required to play all coins or bet the maximum amount, although doing so increases your chance of winning a jackpot.

There are five jackpots on offer at Jackpot Party - the Jackpot Party Mega, Super, Blowout, Surprise, and Confetti jackpots. We track the top three levels of the five on offer, as the bottom two are won often for less than three figures.

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