Clover Rollover / Marine Mayhem Jackpot

Clover Rollover is a progressive slots jackpot that used to be available at online casinos that had games from Virtue Fusion. We tracked this jackpot starting from October 2010 and on average it paid £1,223,233 per win and was won every 25 weeks.

This jackpot is no longer available to be won.

Jackpot no longer available

Progressive jackpot history

Graph of recent jackpot history

As of October 2013, this jackpot has been merged by Virtue Fusion into a bigger combined jackpot with other games such as Cleopatra's Chest, Pet Luck, Pirate Plunder, Snow Queen's Magic, Lucky Ladies 88, and Marine Mayhem. As such this game no longer has its own standalone jackpot and this data is preserved for historical record.

The Clover Rollover jackpot can be won at Virtue Fusion casinos and bingo rooms on both the Gaelic-themed slot machine bearing the same name, or the mini slot Marine Mayhem.

Clover Rollover is a 5-reel slot game which allows you to play up to 5 pay lines. The minimum bet denomination for this slot is 10 pence and the maximum is £1, so you can bet up to £5 total. You win the progressive jackpot when you set the bet denomination to £1 and have 5 shamrock icons line up on an activated pay line. In other words, you do not have to play all 5 lines to win the jackpot, but you do have to have to be playing at £1 per line. Other lesser prizes are won when you line up five pots of gold for 37,500 credits, or 5 Irish maidens for 5,000 credits. Other fun symbols include pints of dark Irish beer and leprechaun hats. Aside from the hefty jackpot, Clover Rollover offers a very pleasant playing interface as well as catchy Gaelic tunes to entertain you while you play.

You begin your underwater journey in Marine Mayhem, a 5-reel, 5-payline game, by betting anywhere between 10 pence and £1 and then giving the lever a pull. Once on your way, your goal is to line up five treasure chests on an active pay line. This will win you the big prize shown in the upper, central part of the screen. The next highest winnings (7,500 credits) are won if you can manage to line up five whales on a pay line that is in play. Like the other Virtue Fusion jackpots, you must bet £1 per line, the highest possible bet denomination, in order to be eligible for the full jackpot.