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TopGame jackpots information

Controversial software supplier formerly known as TopGame underwent something of a rebranding exercise in 2015, with every one of its games and casino licensees rebranded under the banners of new companies: Pragmatic Play, IGTech, and Octopus Gaming. Despite the fact that all TopGame casinos switched over to Pragmatic Play software at the same time, representatives of the new company insist that they purchased the games and have nothing to do with TopGame. On the other hand representatives of their casino licensees have told us the same people are running the show at the new company. So it is anyone's guess as to who is telling the truth. But more importantly where are we going with this?

Well as it happens, prior to the changeover TopGame casinos offered three huge progressive jackpots: Bingo Slot, Monster Madness, and Stars and Stripes. We tracked them for more than six years and during that time none of them were ever won. Most of TopGame's white label casinos accepted players from anywhere in the world, and most had tiny weekly withdrawal limits of only a few thousand dollars at most. These limits almost always applied to the progressive jackpots on this page, which is clearly an unethical practice.

If you have noticed that we're speaking in the past tense about these jackpots, it is because they disappeared at the same time the rest of TopGame's games re-appeared under the Pragmatic Play moniker. As stated none of these seven figure jackpots were ever won, and to our knowledge none of the funds that were contributed to the jackpots were ever transferred to new games, nor refunded to the players that contributed to them. Whether the previous management of TopGame pocketed the money and sold out or continue to run their business under the new name of Pragmatic Play, it appears to us that these progressive pools have simply vanished.

In a regulated jurisdiction this would be a serious offence and those responsible could possibly face criminal charges. Alas, while at times licensed by tinpot jurisdictions such as Curacao, TopGame never operated under what could truly be called a "regulated" jurisdiction. Given TopGame's horrendous reputation earned from years of mismanagement and tolerance of rogue casino licensees, could the rebranding exercise and Pragmatic Play's recent attempts to gain licenses in regulated jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom and Malta be related? We think that it is a strong possibility. Regardless, the following warning that has existed on this page for several years now has never felt more appropriate.

We recommend that players avoid all games produced by TopGame, Pragmatic Play, IGTech, or Octopus Gaming altogether due to questions over their fairness that arose from apparent "bugs" such as missing wild symbols that we have seen in the past. Most of their white label casinos are blacklisted here and should be avoided due to poor management, undercapitalisation, and extremely restrictive withdrawal policies that mean that you would only be entitled to be paid in tiny instalments (such as $2500 per fortnight) over a period of decades were you to win a prize of this size. That is of course if they ever reappear, something we think is extremely unlikely.

The "disappearance" of more than $6,400,000 in player contributed progressive jackpot funds is the cherry on top of an altogether unappetising cake mixed by TopGame.