Saucify Jackpots

The jackpots listed on this page can be played at casinos that feature progressive games from Saucify. We have been tracking their jackpots since September 2015 and currently monitor 5 of their jackpots in total. Click a jackpot name to view win statistics, a graph of the recent jackpot progress, and further information.


Total Jackpot Pool

Progressive jackpot statistics

JackpotValueAverage WinBiggest WinAverage TimeLast Won
Cash Flow $10,601$15,233$50,8103w 4d
5w 4d ago
Dream Wheel $7,808$43,196$220,7263w 4d
13h 25m ago
Legends of Avalon $152,863$117,112$514,08614w 3d
29w 6d ago
Molten Moolah $5,904$20,395$129,60410w 2d
2w 3d ago
Rocket Jacks $105,036$6,859$24,5838w 23h
3y 10w ago

Saucify offers a small number of progressive jackpots that they provide to their casino operator partners. These prizes are tied to specific individual slot games and are shared among all of the operators offering Saucify's progressives. This ensures that there is a decent sized pool of players spread across a bunch of different casinos that contribute to these jackpots. While the prizes for these jackpots may not be as large as some other developers out there, the prizes can still jump to high six-figure totals, giving players more than enough reason to play these games. It is also worth noting that American players can play at most casinos offering games from Saucify.

Warning: progressive jackpot theft

Unfortunately we know of one documented case where one of these jackpots was stolen by one of Saucify's casino licensees. We were approached for help by a player Gemneye73 on our forum after they were refused payment of a $43,000+ win on Dream Wheel in January 2019 by Grand Eagle Casino. After much back and forth and very little cooperation from the casino we established that the player probably had inadvertently broken the casino's rules which forbids players from claiming two free chips in a row without making a deposit in between. However, this highlighted the facts that not only did the casino's systems do nothing to prevent players from making this mistake, but they also allowed the player to deposit and play after breaking the rules which put the player in a no-win situation.

To compound matters, the casino refused payment to the player and then kept the progressive jackpot funds instead of returning them to the pool so that other players could win them. Remember, apart from the initial seed amount progressive jackpots are entirely funded by player contributions that are made with each wager on the game. They are not funds that the casino can decide to pocket whenever they feel like it. Unfortunately Grand Eagle and Saucify are not regulated or held accountable by any legitimate licensing jurisdiction with the power to compel them to return the money. To date neither the casino nor Saucify has done anything to rectify the situation. Therefore we strongly advise players to avoid playing for any of these jackpots, as doing so indirectly supports the criminal actions of this casino and software provider.