Let'em Ride Jackpot

Let'em Ride is a progressive table poker jackpot that may be won at online casinos that have games from Realtime Gaming. We have been tracking this jackpot since December 2009. The value of this jackpot varies between casinos, so you can compare below to pick the casino with the biggest current jackpot.

Progressive jackpot history

Let 'Em Ride is a game where you do not play against other players or the dealer. It is a poker based table game. You place an ante bet before you are dealt 3 cards face up and two community cards faced down used to complete your poker hand. After that you can choose to either raise your ante (only by the same amount as the original bet) or continue and not place a bet. One of the two cards is revealed and you can either raise or continue again. The second card is revealed. You win if you hold at least a pair of 10s or higher. The standard poker hands apply. You are paid out 1:1 if you are holding a pair and 1000:1 if you are holding a Royal Flush.

The game also gives you an opportunity to win a progressive jackpot. You just need to place a Progressive bet when you place the ante. The progressive bet is just a dollar. You take the whole jackpot amount if you have put together a Royal Flush! For a straight flush you get 10% of the jackpot, 4 of a kind bags you $500, a full house $100 and a flush brings you $75.

This is a game that may not be as fun as other versions of poker games, but it pays out nice amounts. If you like the straightforwardness of this game you will be hooked to the table and you might even land the jackpot.

Best casinos for this jackpot