Crazy Dragon Jackpot

Crazy Dragon is a progressive slots jackpot that used to be available at online casinos that had games from Realtime Gaming. We tracked this jackpot starting from August 2010..

This jackpot is no longer available to be won.

Jackpot no longer available

Progressive jackpot history

Graph of recent jackpot history

Crazy Dragon is a progressive jackpot game with a very unique concept: The object of the game to win its grand prize to accumulate 100 free spins. Free spins are won by lining up parts of the dragon – the head, the body and the tail – on its three slots. In other words, Crazy Dragon functions differently from many of the other games out there as winning its jackpot is not a matter of lining one winning combination. Rather, here you are required to have patience to win the grand prize.

This 3 reel, single pay line game employs a theme that takes one all the way to the Far East as it employs symbols such as the dragon and yin-yang. The yin-yang acts as the wild symbol here, replacing all other icons except for the dragon. However, the free spins feature is really what you’re after here, as it is the key to unlocking the jackpot. If you make the maximum bet of $1, you become eligible to win free spins. If you receive the head of the dragon on the first reel, you win 2 free spins; if you line up the head and the body on the middle reel, you garner 5 free spins; should you complete the entire dragon, you win 20 free spins. Note that other combinations (e.g. just the tail or just the body) do not win you free spins. If you should ever make up to 100 spins, you win the progressive jackpot listed in the middle of the slot. Note that it is not possible to ‘stock up’ free spins. You begin using them as soon you as win them.

Crazy Dragon is no longer available at standard RTG casinos. It is however still playable at the casinos within the Bodog group.