Sporting Legends Daily Jackpot

Sporting Legends Daily is a progressive slots jackpot that may be won at online casinos that have games from Playtech. We have been tracking this jackpot since February 2018 and on average it has paid €2,346 per win and is won every 15 hours.

usPlaytech does not permit players from the United States to play its games.

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Horse racing is incredibly popular throughout the world, and some of the jockeys that ride the horses to victory have become legends in their own right. This is certainly the case with the 5 foot 4 inch Frankie Dettori. Over the years, Dettori has won more than 500 Group Races and 3,000 races overall. The 47 year old has spawned movies based on his life and Playtech has released a series of slots based on his life. To this end, they have attached the Sporting Legends Daily Jackpot, which is a progressive prize that pays out quite frequently.

The Sporting Legends Daily Jackpot is a progressive style game that grows with every non-jackpot winning spin of the reels. A portion of that non-jackpot winning spin goes into the pool, which grows until a punter hits it. The game stipulates that any spin can trigger the jackpot, and is won in a jackpot bonus round. Any of the jackpots can be hit on any bet amount, but players who bet a higher amount have a better chance of triggering that jackpot round.

Players will see that there are three jackpots attached to the games that feature the prize. These include the Daily Jackpot, which is the smallest, the weekly jackpot (medium sized), and the Sporting Legends prime prize, which is the largest. The Daily needs to be hit by midnight each night, while the weekly prize needs to be won by the end of the week.

These prizes work out to provide a nice incentive to those who play the video slots tied to the jackpot. Many of those spinning the reels with these games are fans of the subject matter, so getting a chance to win a big jackpot is really just icing on the cake.