SafeCracker $5 Jackpot

SafeCracker is a progressive parlour games jackpot that may be won at online casinos that have games from Playtech. We have been tracking this jackpot since December 2009 and on average it has paid $53,967€50,128£46,868 per win and is won every 7 weeks.

usPlaytech does not permit players from the United States to play its games.

Current jackpot value

Progressive jackpot history

Safecracker is quite simply everything that a 3 reel, single pay line should be: its sleek graphics and entertaining effects give it a very cohesive and cool feel, while it also features a bonus game - this latter aspect sets it apart from most other 3-reel games on the market today. But you're not only here to talk graphics; you're also here to play for the game's grand prize, and the fixed $5 Safecracker is the most potentially lucrative variety of the game.

This is a very straightforward slot game. Bet between 1 and 3 credits, with coin sizes ranging from 25c through to $5 or currency equivalent. Then, try to crack the safe and walk away with the prize by lining up three 3x dollar icons on the lone pay line. The same combination of symbols with 1 coin bet wins you 2000 coins; with two coins in the pot and this combination, you can win 4000 coins. Other winning combinations will win you far less, as three dynamite symbols, the next highest possible combination, only garners you a relatively paltry 500 credits.

The bonus game on hand in Safecracker is very straightforwad, but it nevertheless gives the game an extra kick. It is triggered when three key symbols appear on the pay line, regardless of how much you have bet on the game. You are presented with 10 boxes, 3 of which are tied to alarm and 7 of which are not. Keep picking up bonus points until you come across an alarm, at which point the game is over.

The jackpot total on this page is the value you would win if you play with the maximum coin size of $5 or equivalent in your currency. However if you play the game with a smaller coin size, you can still win a proportionally lower jackpot so long as you wager the maximum three coins per spin.