Kingdoms Rise Epic Jackpot

Kingdoms Rise Epic is a progressive slots jackpot that may be won at online casinos that have games from Playtech. We have been tracking this jackpot since October 2021.

usPlaytech does not permit players from the United States to play its games.

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Kingdoms Rise is a fairly recent game series that was announced by Playtech in 2019. The game revolves around some fantasy elements, with magic, fairies, and elves all present on the reels. There are currently two games in the series, with Kingdoms Rise: Sands of Fury and Kingdoms Rise: Forbidden Forest. Both games are tied together with the Kingdoms Rise Epic Jackpot, which offers a huge cash prize.

The jackpot is a progressive style prize, which grows with every spin of the reels. The games themselves both have a Kingdoms Rise Jackpot feature, which sees players working to win one of the slot's three progressive prizes. The jackpots that can be won are the Daily Strike Jackpot, Power Strike Jackpot, and the Epic prize. The two other games are smaller in terms of prizes and hit more frequently.

The epic prize is won completely randomly and can be hauled in with any jackpot bet amount. The higher your bet, the better the chances are of winning a jackpot. Does this mean you should bet more to try to win this? I don't think so, because your "better" odds of winning are still minuscule.

In terms of the slots themselves, it's a mixed bag for me. I can say that the layout and visuals are definitely impressive. They look great on a mobile screen and still look good even on a desktop. I'm not a huge fan of fantasy themes, so I was looking at the features. The game does deliver some nice touches like respins, wilds, and free spins.

In all, Playtech jackpots do have the ability to pay out big prizes, and this jackpot certainly reaches up as being pretty high. I can't say that the slot itself is that great, as I quickly got bored by it. Your mileage may vary, but the different jackpots available do give it a bit of extra shine.