Jackpot Darts Progressive

Jackpot Darts is a progressive parlour games jackpot that may be won at online casinos that have games from Playtech. We have been tracking this jackpot since December 2009.

usPlaytech does not permit players from the United States to play its games.

$346,262 €298,195 £277,769
Current jackpot value

Progressive jackpot history

Are you one of those people who prefers darts to slots, card games or billiards at the bar or casino? Do you find yourself throwing darts at a dartboard until you start consistently nailing the bull's-eye? Jackpot Darts allows you to try your luck from home, while at the same time going for its weighty jackpot, something you certainly won't find at the bar!

To play this game, players make their bets and then 'throw' three darts randomly at the dartboard. Jackpot Darts is similar to other Playtech jackpots as it allows players to wager on wide variety of bet types. In this game, players can bet on the following:

  • Singles: Wager on whether the darts will land on 1, 2 or 3 singles areas.
  • Doubles: Decide on how many of the three darts will hit the double sections on the outer ring of the board.
  • Treble: In similar fashion to doubles, bet on how many treble sections in the inner ring will be hit.
  • Outer Bull: Make a bet on your darts hitting the section just outside the bull's-eye.
  • Inner Bull: Bet on your darts hitting the bull's-eye.
  • Low, medium, or high: Take a shot at guessing the approximate range of the sum of the three dart scores
  • 1-20 Singles: Guess in which of the 20 areas of the board the three darts will land.

If you wish to go for the jackpot, you must select the appropriate option and have all three of your darts hit the bull's-eye. Sadly unlike a real game of darts there is absolutely no skill involved in this game, making it little more than a lottery in disguise. On the bright side that means you don't need to practice, just hit the throw button and cross your fingers.

The jackpot total shown on this page can be won while wagering $3 or currency equivalent on a game. There are proportionally lower jackpots available when you are betting with smaller stakes.