Jackpot Bells €2 Progressive

Jackpot Bells €2 is a progressive slots jackpot that may be won at online casinos that have games from Playtech. We have been tracking this jackpot since February 2018 and on average it has paid €17,295 per win and is won every 2 days.

usPlaytech does not permit players from the United States to play its games.

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Jackpot bells, Jackpot bells, Jackpots all the way… Okay, I'm done being corny for the moment. The classic holiday song sounds about spot on with Playtech's Jackpot Bells slot, which in turn features the Jackpot Bells €2 Progressive Jackpot. The game is simplistic in its design, but manages to bring some features to players, alongside four progressive jackpots.

The Jackpot Bells Jackpot is a progressive style game, which has a pool that grows with every non-winning spin of the reels. This pool then grows until players are able to hit the winning combination, wherein the pool pays out to players and returns to the seed amount. In this game, players will aim to feel the game's reel slots entirely with bells. If this is achieved, the jackpot is yours!

In contrast to the vast majority of Playtech slots, the Jackpot Bells slot is very simplistic in it's style. The game looks very similar to the games put out by Novomatic, which also adopts simplistic style complete with the bells, cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, grapes, watermelons, and 7s.

In addition to the 2 Euro Jackpot, players will also find a 5 Euro, 10 Euro, and 25 Euro progressive jackpot. This prize is obviously the smallest, but it hits more frequently. We began tracking the prize in February and have picked up hits roughly every few days.

If you're looking for a new video slot to play, the Jackpot Bells slot is one you should consider. The game's jackpots vary based on the amount of money you're betting per spin, and can be won on any spin of the reels, which is nice. While the game is simplistic in its design, the prize pool makes it well worth giving a spin. It's not as polished as some other games, but that's part of its retro charm.