Robin Hood Jackpot

Robin Hood is a progressive slots jackpot that can be played exclusively at Paf Casino. We have been tracking this jackpot since December 2011 and on average it has paid €5,937 per win and is won every 23 weeks.

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With the Occupy movements in full swing, what more appropriate time is there to play a slot game based on a classic tale with strong socialist overtones? On the other hand, if this kind of thinking does not factor into your decision what slot to play or jackpot to go for, then you could also play for the Robin Hood Jackpot because it is linked to a slot game that is just so undeniably fun. What you decide to do with your potential winnings is entirely up to you. You may give it to the poor or keep it for yourself.

You can win this jackpot by playing the Robin Hood Slot at Paf Casino. The slot features numerous characters from the timeless tales as its symbols, but the one you're interested in is the king, for he is the most lucrative icon around and the one you need to win the jackpot. Indeed, to win the jackpot whose amount is listed just to the right of the slots, you must have five of these come up on a payline that has been put into play.

You might have come for the jackpot, but you should certainly stay for the other features in the game. Aside from excellent graphics and wonderfully peppy music, the Robin Hood slot also has a unique bonus game that has you assume the role of an archer trying to hit a bull's-eye. The more times you hit the board and the nearer the centre you are, the more you will win. Three or more sacks of gold on an active payline will bring up this neat feature.