Private Eye Jackpot Progressive

Private Eye Jackpot is a progressive slots jackpot that can be played exclusively at Paf Casino. We have been tracking this jackpot since December 2011 and on average it has paid €38,304 per win and is won every 1 year.

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Few things are better than a classic detective story. That is the world that you will be plunged into when playing the Private Eye Slot at Paf Casino. This 9 payline, 5 reel game is one slick offering that has offers up an experience that's so good that it could have you playing for quite some time.

You will immediately be taken aback by the game's absolutely marvelous graphics and it's extremely well-executed theme. It offers all of the icons you would expect to find in a classic detective story about stolen diamonds, including a revolver, a crowbar, diamond, brass knuckles, and dynamite. Having three of this icon come up anywhere on the reels is the key to the bonus game and jackpot. The fact that it is the game's only bonus is perhaps this slot's only drawback.

If things go your way, you could also end up being the lucky recipient of the Private Eye Jackpot. To win this jackpot, you must first enter the bonus game. Once you do, your goal is to roll the dice in order to have the detective cover as much ground as possible. After he has made his way through all five streets, he will attempt to catch the robber. If he is successful, you win the jackpot! The amount of the jackpot is listed in the upper left-hand corner of the reels on the main screen. Note that, as the bet denomination is fixed at $.30, this is the only level of the jackpot available in this game.