Cash and Carry Jackpot

Cash and Carry is a progressive slots jackpot that can be played exclusively at Paf Casino. We have been tracking this jackpot since December 2011 and on average it has paid €67,276 per win and is won every 6 weeks.

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The Cash and Carry Jackpot is linked to the clever, 15 payline, 5 reel, Cash and Carry slot which can be played at Paf Casino. Cash and carry markets sure do offer up a ton of items to buy, and what better way is there to finance an enormous shopping spree than by winning this appropriately-named jackpot?

The Cash and Carry slot utilizes a somewhat unusual theme that centers on, well, the experience of shopping at a cash and carry hypermarket. Hence, it employs items that can be purchased at these shopping outlets as its symbols. These include everything from high heels, watches, and diamond rings to things like bananas and milk. It also adds a heavy dose of the idealistic 1950s to the game with its design features and neatly-coiffed, seemingly perfect lead female character.

This slot's excellent presentation and unified theme is complemented by excellent gameplay features. The graphics are neat, the effects are appropriate for a shopping experience, and the bonus features are also outstanding. Two or more credit cards on an active payline will activate the bonus game where your goal is to advance the levels until you reach the cash register.

As far as the jackpots go, you can win three in this game - the mini, the medi, and the maxi. These are listed in order from lowest to highest and correlate with the bet level you elect to play. The mini lines up with a $.10 denomination bet; the medi corresponds to the $.20 coin level; the maxi can only be won by playing the maximum $.50 wager. Line up five € symbols and the jackpot will be yours!