Poker Keno Jackpot

Poker Keno is a progressive keno jackpot that used to be available exclusively at Sky Vegas. We tracked this jackpot starting from March 2014.

This jackpot is no longer available to be won.

Jackpot no longer available

Progressive jackpot history

Graph of recent jackpot history

Poker Keno is a unique game offered at Sky Vegas online casino. Not only will you enjoy this special game but you are also in with a chance to win a Poker Keno Jackpot.

What is Poker Keno anyway? It is a game that obviously combines the perks of the two games in its name - Poker and Keno. Everything is pretty automated and you can sit down and play this game for hours. The layout pretty much looks like a typical Texas Hold'em Poker game but the Keno element is hidden in the fact that this game is much more down to luck then regular poker you are used to playing. All you will need to do is set you bet, minimum 50p and maximum 50 GBP, and then hit the Submit and Deal button. You will get two cards and five community cards. The computer will attempt to put together the best poker hand from the cards and you will win according to the pay table.

To win the progressive jackpot tied to this interesting game you will need to place at least a 2 GBP bet. The jackpot is yours if you hold in your hand an Ace and a King and are able to make a Royal Flush with the community cards. The jackpot is never shared and you win the whole amount. Since it is progressive, every time the jackpot is not won the prize grows.