Golden Sevens Deluxe Jackpot

Golden Sevens Deluxe is a progressive slots jackpot that used to be available exclusively at Quasar Gaming. We tracked this jackpot starting from February 2018.

This jackpot is no longer available to be won.

Jackpot no longer available

Progressive jackpot history

Graph of recent jackpot history

The day before I wrote up this jackpot summary, I was thrilled to actually see some Novomatic video slots that have a different theme set and features present. Unfortunately, things go back to normal with the Golden Sevens Deluxe slot, as we're "treated" to the same bland visuals and features we've seen time and time again from this developer. At the same time, the game does hold the Golden Sevens Deluxe Jackpot, which has a huge cash prize that punters can get their hands on. This may end up being the only redeeming quality of the game itself.

The Golden Sevens Deluxe Jackpot is a progressive style prize that grows with every spin of the reels, with a portion of the game's wagered amount going into the jackpot pool. The prize is won when players are able to fill the reels with all golden 7 symbols found on the reel. Of course, this isn't as easy as it sounds, and we haven't been able to find any wins recorded for this game.

The jackpot is the only real highlight of the game, as the rest of it is a rotten egg. We have the same bland blue background we've seen so many times, and the game symbols are the same we've seen in so many other games. You'll find the cherry, plum, orange, lemon, apple, watermelon, and bell symbols on the reels. Features in the game include wilds, stacked, wilds, and the above-mentioned jackpot.

If you're a fan of Novomatic games from having played them in a land casino, then this may a game you'd like to try. If you're a gamer that's never seen these games before, you're better off looking elsewhere, as the game's don't compare well to other slot titles that are available for play online.