Bonus Keno Jackpot

Bonus Keno is a progressive keno jackpot that used to be available at online casinos that had games from Net Entertainment. We tracked this jackpot starting from December 2009..

This jackpot is no longer available to be won.

Jackpot no longer available

Progressive jackpot history

Graph of recent jackpot history

Bonus Keno Jackpot is an online version of a classical casino game which can be found in many Vegas casinos today. Originating from China it is used today as a game from some state lotteries, so this game could be very familiar to you. The great thing about it becoming an online game is that it offers a bonus round and a jackpot opportunity.

The goal of the game is to predict which 2 to 10 numbers will be picked out of the 20 numbers drawn in the game. The numbers range from 1 to 80. The amount you win in this game will depend on how many numbers you have picked, the numbers you have guessed correctly, and the amount you have bet. In this online version you also have a chance to win the progressive jackpot. This happens when the numbers drawn make up the Jackpot symbol, which are ten tiles shaping the letter J. If you have placed the highest bet (which is 5 in this game) you win 100% of the jackpot. The percentage of the jackpot you are eligible to win will drop as the bet level does. You have a chance to take home either 80%, 60%, 40% or 20% depending on the bet level.

This game also presents you with the opportunity to win a free Bonus round. You do this by collecting 5 Jokers that are revealed behind the picked numbers. When the free round starts all your wins are doubled during it, except for the Jackpot amount. This game like many other classical gambling games that have gotten an online version has because of it become faster and better.