Triple Sevens Blackjack Jackpot

Triple Sevens Blackjack is a progressive blackjack jackpot that may be won at online casinos that have games from Microgaming. We have been tracking this jackpot since December 2009 and on average it has paid $79,669€79,669£79,669 per win and is won every 1 year.

usMicrogaming does not permit players from the United States to play its games.

Current jackpot value

Progressive jackpot history

Triple Sevens is a Microgaming progressive jackpot that can be won by playing the optional side bet on a Triple Sevens blackjack table. The side bet wager is $1 and the progressive jackpot is won if you are dealt three sevens of diamonds.

Playing for the jackpot can in fact change the basic strategy that you would normally employ while playing blackjack. This is because to win the jackpot the three sevens must all be part of the same hand. This affects your decision to split sevens - if your first two cards are sevens and you are playing the side bet then you are well advised to hit regardless of the dealer's visible card.

Triple Sevens also pays smaller awards from the jackpot pool from time to time. If your first two cards dealt are sevens of the same suit you win $50, three sevens of mixed suits wins $250, while three sevens of any suit apart from the jackpot winning diamonds wins $1000.

According to the Wizard of Odds, the house edge on the side bet is 37.94%, less 3.45% for every $10,000 in the meter. Therefore the break-even value for this jackpot is $109,862. If the jackpot rises above the break-even value, the side bet becomes a wager with positive expectation.