Cops 'n' Robbers Millionaires Row Jackpot

Cops 'n' Robbers Millionaires Row is a progressive slots jackpot that used to be available exclusively at Quasar Gaming. We tracked this jackpot starting from February 2017 and on average it paid €11,606 per win and was won every 15 weeks.

This jackpot is no longer available to be won.

Jackpot no longer available

Progressive jackpot history

Graph of recent jackpot history

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when you strike it rich? Okay, maybe those aren't the lyrics to the famous song that leads into the reality TV show Cops, but perhaps it should be the theme song for Mazooma's Cops 'n' Robbers Millionaire's Row slot, as the game hosts a potentially lucrative progressive jackpot.

The Cops 'n' Robbers Millionaire's Row Jackpot is awarded when players are able to head into The Street Bonus, where you roll dice and move around a board game-esque path in an attempt to win free spins and collect golden keys. If you manage to score all five of the game's keys during the round, you'll end up winning the large prize, which builds with every wager placed in the game.

In terms of the game itself, the Cops 'n' Robbers Millionaire's Row slot is fun to play, if not groundbreaking. The game looks good when compared to other Mazooma slots, implementing a police dog, a robber, a cop, a safe, a time bomb, and various card suits. The features present are varied, and include a bunch of unique wild symbols that only appear during the free spins round. These include exploding wilds, expanding wilds, locking wilds, and domino wilds. There is also a small chance of triggering a random feature at the end of every spin, including nudges, symbol morphs, and random extra wild symbols.

On top of that you have a standard gamble feature present. For those not in the know, a gamble feature allows you to put your winnings at risk for a chance to win extra money.