Progressive Blackjack Jackpot (Cryptologic)

Progressive Blackjack is a progressive blackjack jackpot that used to be available at online casinos that had games from Cryptologic. We tracked this jackpot starting from December 2009 and on average it paid $285,709 €285,709 £285,709 per win and was won every 1 year.

This jackpot is no longer available to be won.

$67,795 €67,795 £67,795
Jackpot no longer available

Progressive jackpot history

Cryptologic's Progressive Blackjack jackpot can be won while playing blackjack at the single player progressive blackjack tables. You must wager on the progressive side bet by playing a chip in the progressive slot on the table. The full jackpot is won if the player and dealer are dealt four red or black aces between them on the initial deal.

There are also minor prizes awarded from the jackpot pool for other combinations of aces being dealt - for example, 3 suited aces wins you $2500, while 4 unsuited aces wins you $1000 and so on.

Apart from the progressive jackpot, the rules of the blackjack game are: 8 decks of 52 cards, dealer stands on soft 17, double on any two cards, no re-splitting, 1 card drawn on split aces, double after split permitted, no surrender.