Cryptologic Progressive Jackpots

The jackpots listed on this page can be played at casinos that feature progressive games from . We have been tracking their jackpots since and currently monitor of their jackpots in total. Click a jackpot name to view win statistics, a graph of the recent jackpot progress, and further information.


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Cryptologic jackpots information

The jackpots associated with the Cryptologic set of games offer up anything and everything under the sun. Here you will find jackpots valuing less than €1,000 as well as those whose value is nearly €3,000,000. You can also find old-school games, new-school games, table games, card games, and traditional slots. There are also games that offer up multiple levels of jackpot as well jackpots that have several games feed into them simultaneously. Literally, what more could one ask for than what is offered by Cryptologic?

Well, the answer to that question is the one thing that such a plethora of options does not offer: simplicity. You may have a hard time clicking through the various jackpots in order to find one that suits your fancy. However, if you wish to put in the time to do so then the chances of finding exactly what you want in such a vast offering are actually rather good. A closer look at the characteristics of the jackpots also quickly reveals that very few of the jackpot amounts actually get into ultra-high multi-million dollar territory. So, unless you wish to try your luck at Millionaire’s club, you may want to turn to another software if you fancy some high-roller action.