Cayetano Gaming Jackpots

The jackpots listed on this page can be played at casinos that feature progressive games from . We have been tracking their jackpots since and currently monitor of their jackpots in total. Click a jackpot name to view win statistics, a graph of the recent jackpot progress, and further information.


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Cayetano Gaming is a formerly independent game development company that is now a subsidiary of internet gambling operator Paddy Power. Each of its progressive jackpots are therefore only available to be won at Paddy Power Casino and Betfair Casino, after the two merged. The individual prizes for each jackpot may be won by playing on a variety of games that are not necessarily named after the jackpot listed. The prizes vary from a few thousand pounds all the way up to the six-figure range and may climb somewhat slower than multi-casino networked progressive jackpots, given the fact that only Paddy Power customers are contributing to the jackpot pools.

It is also worth noting that not all the games that may pay out the same jackpot pool are created equally. You should check the paytable on each game for the RTP number prior to playing because the difference between games can be enormous. For example, instead of attempting to win the Fantasy Jackpot by playing Japanese Mystery with its horrendous 92.3% payout rate, a better choice would be Gold'Erado which pays out a much healthier 95.7%.