A Night With Cleo Jackpot

A Night With Cleo is a progressive slots jackpot that can be played exclusively at Bovada Casino and related casinos. We have been tracking this jackpot since January 2017 and on average it has paid $105,113 per win and is won every 3 days.

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Are you the type of person who thinks Cleopatra is history's biggest hottie? While the majority of people out there may consider you a weirdo, the Bovada online casino group feels you, as they've designed the A Night With Cleo Jackpot, which is tied to the game of the same name. The game once again pits you in Ancient Egypt, with the end game being a series of rounds of Hi-Lo with the Queen herself, who sheds a layer of clothes each time you guess correctly.

If you want to take home the jackpot (as well as Cleo's top), you'll have to rely on luck bestowed upon you by the Egyptian gods. The jackpot is awarded completely randomly, meaning there's no symbol or reel combination influencing you taking home some of that Egyptian treasure.

On its face, the game is pretty basic, but it does have some features that can stack up some big wins and make things fun. These features include wild symbols, scatters, and free spins. A Night With Cleo's (ahem) climax comes with the gamble feature though, as the Queen of the Nile ends up holding a couple of lotus flowers. Players pick one of the hands, and if the hand holds a stack of coins, players will double the amount they won on the spin and Cleopatra will remove a layer of clothes. This can go on up to five times, with Cleo eventually removing her nipple tassels (who knew the Ancient Egyptians had nipple tassels?!?)

Is this the best slot in the world? Absolutely not, but the game does serve its purpose and has a very nice jackpot that grows with every bet in place. This jackpot is exclusive to the Bovada group of casinos, so you won't find it anywhere else. So if you want to get a little cash while taking a bit off the top, make sure to check out A Night With Cleo today!

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