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Greedy Goblins Jackpot

Greedy Goblins 10c is a progressive slots jackpot that may be won at online casinos that have games from Betsoft. We have been tracking this jackpot since October 2015. The value of this jackpot varies between casinos, so you can compare below to pick the casino with the biggest current jackpot.

Progressive jackpot history

The Greedy Goblins Jackpot can be won by playing the slot game of the same name. Taking home this big prize is a very straightforward affair: First, open the game and then spin using the maximum possible bet by simply clicking the "max bet" button. This will spin the reels. Now, simply hope that you will have five cross-armed elves with the pipe appear on a single payline. That will win you the jackpot whose amount is listed in the upper left-hand corner of the main screen of the slot. It really is as simple as that.

However, if you're already playing the game, then why not enjoy some of the other features that it offers up? There are sticky wilds, random coin drops, a free spins bonus that offers up to 25 free go-arounds, a pick-em bonus, and a gamble feature. Yes, that it is a lot of features, but wait there is more! Indeed, complementing the potentially large jackpot and the bevy of bonus features is a presentational experience that is truly extraordinary. The highlights include superb graphics and exception effects, although the music is of questionable quality. One can tell that the creators put quite a bit of effort into it, but many are sure to find it annoying nevertheless.

All in all, this jackpot is worth going simply because the playing experience of Greedy Goblins is that good. You may not win the big prize, but you will certainly be treated to a high-caliber gaming experience no matter what you do.

Best casinos for this jackpot

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