Three-Card Poker Guide

Three-card poker is game which has two games in one. It is played with the standard deck with 52 cards, and the player is not obligated to bet on his two hands, but he can if he wants to. There is the Pair Plus game and the Ante and Play game to choose from when playing three-card poker.

An online Three Card Poker table
In this hand our pair of Aces beats the dealer's pair of Eights

How to Play Three-Card Poker

In the Pair Plus game in three-card poker, players are dealt three cards, and they have to organize the three cards into a serviceable hand. The following hands are paid as follows; pair is 1:1, flush gets 4:1, straight gets 6:1, three of a kind has a 30:1 ratio while a straight flush has a 40:1 ratio. The dealer's card or hands are not included in this game, and the player must make the best hand from his cards.

In the Ante and Play game of three-card poker, the game starts with a bet before the three cards are given to the player. When you have studied your cards, you have the option to either raise your bet and put an equal bet on the ante or fold and lose both your pair plus hand and the ante and play hand. You must bear in mind before you fold is that if your Pair Plus hand has won, the ante and play hand can be sacrificed since you will not be losing a lot if the banker or dealer wins.

Possible Scenarios

The possible combinations of the ante and play hand are if the dealer does not have a good hand and he loses, so you get the ante with a 1:1 ratio and the play wager is just returned. If the dealer does have a good hand and he decides to play it but still loses to you, both the play and the anted gets a ratio of 1:1. If the dealer does have a good hand and he does beat you then the ante and the play are lost to the bank. The last possibility is if the dealer does go ahead and play against you and you both tie, the play and the ante are considered push.

The three-card poker game is a reasonably easy game to play and most players are thrilled by the fact that there are two games to win. It is a game which can be found in land-based casinos and online casinos as well.