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About Stravaganza

Tired of the bevy of Poker and Blackjack games out there? In the mood for something different? It sounds like you may be in the market for a game like Stravaganza from Playtech. See if you can accumulate a higher point total than the dealer to potentially rake in very big winnings here!

Note: this game is no longer available for play.

Stravaganza information

Stravaganza is not one of those variations of Poker or Blackjack that is just a little bit different from the original version of the game. Indeed, this unusual game is something different altogether. In fact, it is so unlike other games out there that it is sure to be rather polarising. Some will love this game, seeing it as fun and a welcome respite from other card variations; others will find it just plain weird and likely dislike it.

As far as the presentation goes, Stravaganza's offering is fairly solid. The graphics in this instalment are perhaps a bit on the dated side, but the cool effects and swanky music are top-notch. There may versions with better presentations, but the presentation in this one is perfectly serviceable.

How to play Stravaganza

The goal of Stravaganza is to have the sum of your three cards be greater than the sum of the dealer's three cards. Start the game off by making your initial wager. This version allows your ante to be as low as $.05 and as high as $100. You will initially receive two cards face-up and the dealer will be dealt three face-down.

After receiving your initial cards, you must decide whether you wish to continue the game. If you click on the "play on" button, your ante wager will be doubled and you will receive another card. Your cards will then be put up against the dealer's and the player with the higher sum wins. Note that all face cards count as ten and aces only count as one. Regardless of the sums of the cards, the dealer wins and you receive your play on bet back as well as half of your initial wager.

Note that you are eligible to receive half or all of your ante back if you are initially dealt cards whose sum is less than 9. It is also possible to rake in some pretty big winnings here by producing poker-like "hands" or three of a kind, three face cards, or others. For more information, consult the table to the right of the chips.

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