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Rock Paper Scissors

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About Rock Paper Scissors

Remember that game that you used to play as a kid to settle banal arguments with your friends way back in the day? Yes, it's Rock, Paper Scissors and yes, they have made a game out of it. See if you can make your big pay day happen by covering rock, cutting paper or crushing scissors!

Rock, Paper Scissors information

This game really is a lot of fun, albeit for all of about 2 minutes. Its charm lies its in simplicity, especially if you're looking for something a bit more laidback. The 'showdown' vibe of the game also gives it a humorous little kick.

Although many claim that this game is purely luck, skilled rock paper scissors players have proved time and again that skill and psychology is, in fact, involved in this game. Forget skill in this online version though - the results are purely random and the payouts are set so that that casino has the advantage.

How to play Rock, Paper Scissors

The rules of the game are fairly straightforward, but there are a couple of nuances you need to remember as you play the online version of this classic game. Begin by making a bet of anywhere between $.10 and $1. Next, you must decide whether you want to play a single game or try to win two, three or four in a row and win much more. If you choose to play the single game, you only risk your initial bet and can only win twice your ante. A draw will put you back at square one. Should you decide to try and maximize your winnings by winning consecutive games, you must win the number of games you decide to go for without losing or even drawing anywhere along the way. Once you've decided which way you're going to go, pick rock, paper or scissors and go for it!

In case you never learned the game, here is a breakdown of which symbol defeats what (two like symbols result in a draw):

Rock: Crushes scissors but is covered by paper
Paper: : Can cover rock, but is cut by scissors
Scissors: : Cuts paper, but can be crushed by a rock.

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5 March 2017 - 6:25pm

This is so funny! I remember playing this game a lot as a child but I never thought that a casino would make it into an actual game. I tried it in fun mode only and it felt strange, I guess I am not a fan of it.

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