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About French Roulette

Voulez-vous gagner en jouant un vrai jeu français? French Roulette, or European Jackpot as it’s known in certain circles, is a slight twist on the more well-known North American version of the classic game that’s as timeless as the institution of gambling itself. Pull up to the table, order up a cocktail and spend hours raking in money while watching the ball make mesmerizing circles around the table!

French Roulette information

For those of you familiar with American Roulette, this game will be very easy to grasp. The only real difference between this version and the American variety is that here there are only 37 pots instead of 38. The one difference is the lack of a 00 pot, which means that the house has a smaller edge in this version (2.7% instead of 5.6%).

How to play French Roulette

Although a roulette board may look pretty daunting at first, it is actually very easy to follow as the sections on the table are self-explanatory. The minimum total bet is 1 pound while the maximum is 100 pounds. You may make any combination of bets. Keep in mind that the lower the probability is that something will occur, the higher the winnings if you make the right call. Here are your betting possibilities:

- Wager on a color: marginally lower than 50% possibility of doubling your bet.
- Wager on evens or odds: slightly smaller than 50-50 possibility of doubling the amount put down.
- Wager on either the lower half (1-18) or higher half (19-36): likewise, this gives a nearly 1 in 2 chance of doubling your wager.
- Wager on the first, second or third dozen: This affords you a less than 33% chance of tripling your initial bet.
- Wager on a "column": here you have a less than one-in-three probability of winning three times your wager.
- Wager on a three line (street), corner (square), or split: by placing a bet on a border between numbers, you bet on multiple number combinations and their corresponding odds.
- Wager directly on a particular number: this gives you a 2-3% chance to win back 35 times your initial wager.


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