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Casino Holdem

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About Casino Hold'em

Casino Hold'Em is, unlike most forms of hold'em, a game played only between the dealer and the player. This game forces you to make two decisions: Like in other forms of hold'em, you must decide whether you think you can beat the dealer, who himself has to have at least of pair of 4's to qualify. You must then also decide whether or not you’re feeling lucky. If you are, place a bet on 'AA' bonus pot to give yourself a chance to walk away with top-notch winnings.

How to play Casino Hold'em

The player begins by making a bet of between $1 and $100 as well as an optional 'AA' bet. You and the dealer then are each dealt two cards. Two options are then presented to you - you can either fold and lose your ante bet and possible 'AA' bet, or you can choose to call the dealer. In this case, five more cards are dealt on the table and each player makes the best five card hand possible of the seven cars shown. Three results are possible:

  • The dealer fails to 'qualify,' that is to have a hand that is a pair of 4's or better. In this case, you win no matter your hand.
  • The dealer qualifies, but you have a stronger hand. For this, you win twice the ante bet.
  • The dealer qualifies and has a stronger hand than you - you forfeit twice your ante bet.

The 'pair of aces' or better pot adds an interesting element that is unique for hold 'em games: When making your bet, you may choose to place between $1 and $50 in the 'AA' pot. If you end up making a pair of aces, you receive either sevenfold or twenty-fivefold your bet in that particular pot. However, in most situations you will not make the cut, so be prepared to take the risk numerous times before it pays off. This is the case even if you beat the dealer and win your ante bet.

This is a fun twist on normal hold'em games, and is a great online substitute for those looking to play this game at home as this is normally a one-on-one game even in the casino.

Casino Hold'em Strategy

The optimal strategy for Casino Hold'em is incredibly complex due to the large number of combinations presented by the seven cards in play, plus suits. Thus there is no simple table of correct plays like for Blackjack. Bear in mind that you should only fold roughly 18% of hands and follow these rules to give yourself a fighting chance:

  • Always raise with a pair, an Ace high or King high.
  • Always raise with a flush draw or straight draw (open ended or gutshot).
  • Always raise with two over cards (i.e. your two cards are higher than the 3 visible on the board).
  • Raise with a Queen or Jack high unless the board is single suit and you don't have a matching suit.
  • Fold against a paired board (eg 559) when you only have a 10 high or worse, unless you have a straight or flush draw.
  • Fold unpaired low cards (eg 73) that don't leave you with a chance of a straight or flush draw.

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Casino Holdem is my favorite table game. I really enjoy the game as it is interesting and the payouts can be really nice for a table game. I like the colors and graphics for this game from Playtech.

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