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About Oasis Poker

If you're looking for a refreshing escape from the more common poker games out there, then Oasis Poker might be the straightforward kind of game you are looking for. Plan your strategy, bide your time, and take advantage of your chances! You can also enjoy the friendly interface of the game as well as the background music, which almost makes one feel as though they are in a swanky jazz bar and gives the game a classy vibe.

The player makes an ante bet, then the dealer and the player each receive a five-card hand, with one of the dealer's cards displayed to the player. You must then decide to either call the dealer or to replace cards in your hand. Each new card costs the player the initial ante amount, so a player must weigh this decision carefully. At any time, the player can choose to fold their hand. If they call, one of three things can happen:

  • The dealer does not 'qualify,' i.e. he/she does not have at least an ace/king combination: In that case, the player receives the twice the ante bet and the call bet is pushed.
  • The dealer qualifies, but the player has the higher hand: the player receives twice the ante bet in addition to the call amount which can be referenced on the pay table.
  • The dealer qualifies, and the dealer has the higher hand: the player loses the ante and the bet amount.

The most exciting moments for the player are when they are dealt an initial hand that is a card or two away from greatness, for in situations like these there is room for strategy: Do you risk paying the ante amount for each new card? Is the potential payout worth the cost? What if the dealer trumps you even IF you get a great hand?

Oasis poker strategy

The following strategy is believed to be close to optimal, and reduces the house edge to around 1.04%, with an expected loss per amount wagered of only 0.475% (also known as "element of risk"). This makes the game one of the most attractive to players looking for a low house edge option.

Switching decision

  • Switch one card with the following hands:
    • Four to a straight flush and royal flush, even breaking up a pair.
    • Four to a flush with no pair.
    • Four to an outside straight with no pair.
  • Never switch with two pair or better.
  • Never switch more than one card if allowed.

Post-switch play

After switching, the game plays identically to Caribbean Stud Poker. The correct strategy is therefore:

  • Always raise with a pair or better.
  • Raise with an ace and king if the dealer's visible card matches one of your cards (it reduces the chance of the dealer having a pair).
  • Raise with an ace and king if your hand equals or beats AKJ83.
  • Otherwise fold.

Full credit for determination of this strategy to the Wizard of Odds.

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