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About Hi-Lo Switch

Do you desire something with a little bit more strategy and snazzy than traditional High-Low? If so, Hi-Lo Switch may be the right game for you. Like its more straightforward cousin High-Low, the underlying concept behind Hi-Lo Switch is very basic: guess whether the dealer will draw a card that is higher or lower than what is on the table. However, the rapid-fire tempo and the option to go one of six directions, or even switch the cards on the table, give this game more fun and long-term playing potential than regular High-Low.

Note: This game has been removed from Net Entertainment's catalogue. It can no longer be found at casinos or on Net Entertainment's website.

How to play Hi-Lo Switch

Once you place your initial bet, the dealer deals three cards face up on the table. You then must choose whether you think the next card is higher or lower than any one of the three cards on the table (if you are dealt the same card as the one showing, that is considered an incorrect guess). The payout for a correct guess is shown above or below each card on the table and as you would expect, the bigger the risk you take, the bigger the reward. The game uses three 52 card decks and the decks are reshuffled after each deal. The payout table in the upper left-hand corner shows you the multipliers for a correct guess on each card value.

After each correct guess, you have the option to either walk away with your winnings or let them ride and make another pick. However, if you guess wrong even once, you forfeit all your winnings and your initial bet.

Use the switch to your advantage

An interesting touch is the ability to 'switch' the three cards on the table for a newly dealt set of three cards. Players are initially limited to two switches; however, you earn an extra switch every time you make three correct guesses in a row. Players are also rewarded for taking higher risks, i.e. for guessing options which have a lower probably of occurring.

For those looking for a game with a little bit more depth than High-Low, this game provides a few interesting twists that truly do add elements of strategy to the gaming experience. The fast pace of the game also means the stakes can increase pretty fast, which really gets the adrenalin going.

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