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About Sic Bo

Sic Bo, a game of Asian descent whose name means “Dice Pair” or “Precious Dice” is a centuries old game that is still widely played in casinos all across the world. With this free game, however, you can enjoy its charm from your very own laptop. The point of this game is very easy to comprehend: wager on the outcome of three dice numbered one to six that are rolled at the same time.

According to most accounts on the origins of the game, Sic Bo was invented in China and was diffused throughout the rest of Asia before making its way off the continent and to North America in the 20th century. It remains most popular on the continent it originated from, but it is still commonly played everywhere people can get together and roll three dice. Albeit simple and straightforward, this version accurately captures the experience of this time-honored game.

How to play Sic Bo

Sic Bo is played much like Roulette in that the point of the game is to accurately guess the outcome of a random event. In this case, you are trying to pinpoint the result of three dice that are rolled simultaneously. You make any number of a series of bets and then roll the dice.

If you guess the type of result correctly, you win a payout which is inversely proportional to the probability that a bet is likely to occur. In other words, you receive more for riskier bets and less for safer wagers. The types of bets that can be made are:

  • Small - Here you are indicating that the dice will add up to less than 10 but more than 4 and that they will not be identical.
  • Big - This is the same as the above bet except for here you're hoping for a total of less than 17 but more than 11.
  • Even/Odd - With this you are positing that the sum will come up either or even or add, and that three of the same dice will not come up.
  • Number - Guess the exact sum of the number of all three dice.
  • Double/Triple - Bet that either two or all three of the dice will come up as the same number.
  • Two/Three numbers - Pick the exact two or three numbers that will come up.
  • Pair plus one - Choose which pair of the same value and one other die will come up.
  • Four numbers - Pick four numbers and win if any three of those four are rolled.

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