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26 May 2015 - 10:19am

Crazy Luck Casino Review

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Hi, is it possible to get a Review on : Crazy Luck Casino???, I have
some reservations about them!?!...And I would like to save the tale
experience for if and when I can do a review???. Or if someone
jumps to it first?!... And if they were and already mentioned in a post
past review?.. I only found out about them when I got an email from
the following: [link removed] , and in it they offered a
supposed great offer Free $333.00 , hmm that is where I thought
something was strange or to good to be true?...They wanted you
to basically max bet , like I did without thinking and not understanding
the rules to how these Casino's operate!. I actually won alot there
so when it came time to the end of the $333.00 time which they
immediately deducted almost everything from the winnings I won
which was an outstanding $4500.00??? ...I was then told I have
to proceed to round2???, What the hell?, and even with what they
claimed I won - it couldn't be applied till I deposited to the next
round?!?...And then only then would they credit me the new round
$$$ of yet again $333.00 to my online stated Deposit!?!...
I did infact fall for such a ploy, and this well before finding out
about this site which has helped me indeed!..

However, because they claimed my Credit Card wouldn't process
for some reason or another, when infact when I kept calling my
card company as suggested!?. They, the Credit Card Company
was then telling me they kept rejecting it? lol , funny , funny on
their part....And when I did get a contact from them, it was from a
number not listed on the site or known there:

- 44 800 014 8811 -

He then wants me to proceed to send Cash to them Via :
Money Gram, specifically them and not Western Union!?!...
And if that didn't set off the bells and whistles I don't know
what else would at that point?...
Tries to tell me to make a bigger deposit instead of the
listed one on the site of the Cashier section in the amount
of 100.00??, and that he will offer me a special and I quote:
"I have an offer that you can't turn down?!...LOL, ok that was
just another way of him trying to employ a scam on me...

So sad, though, I liked the Gaming software there!?, it look
so appealing, and innovative to me atleast!?...
If someone can review this Casino Site in Detail I would
greatly appreciate it!!!

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27 May 2015 - 6:19am

Geez you have found a few crackers in your time Ki'aha! This one looks to be running software called Rival Gaming. You can follow that link to find a few good ones that accept Americans and have the same games.

It also looks to be what we call a white-label which basically means that one or two people are renting a casino "skin" and profit sharing with Rival Gaming. Many of the Rival casinos are set up like this and most of the people running them don't have a clue, or much money.

Any casino that gives you a free chip, or "no deposit bonus" almost always has a maximum withdrawal limit in the T&Cs. So if they give you $25 you might be able to withdraw $50 max. However these Rival white label casinos often offer these stupid deals where they give you for example $333, but the most you can withdraw is $150 and you also need to have say $125 minimum, all of which makes it very hard to withdraw at all. I don't know what is going on with the "round two" business, it sounds like a ploy to get you to deposit.

First up, don't send them cash, Western Union, Moneygram or whatever else. If your credit card payments were rejected, count yourself lucky and either close your account there or just don't go back.

Second, more generally if a casino that you have never heard of spams you, don't click through and play there. It only encourages them to buy and sell everyone's details.

Third, if you're unsure you can always do a google search with the casino's name followed by "rogue" or "scam" or something similar. If you do that in this case i.e. "crazy luck casino rogue" you will find loads of complaints by people who have been stiffed or slow paid by this casino.

We'll add it to the list of casinos to review so we can get our own warning page up. You can never have too many warning pages!

Ki'aha Long

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27 May 2015 - 3:46pm

CL-Ed, thanks for responding back:), hmm yes I sure have found the
rotten end of this stick recently!!, And not knowing until recently what I
later to find the truth about almost all of them is utter shocking - and
sadness in some sense...I didn't even know what type of software this
was until I read you're post. And even then when I later to find out about
the"White Label" , aspect even more of disappointment and let down
on the Developers part and how they deceive and use ploy tactics...

Another thing, looking into the round two part - I did remember speaking
to the Representative who told me if and when I did deposit the previous
balance Prior would not be added??? Which made no sense what so
ever from the odd dollar amount of : $333.00 , I was winning so much off
of that I was like shoots !, but then was brought down to Earth, when my
dear friend who I told this to said. I think somethings wrong with that
picture!?!, and sure enough it was....To, to many lessons already learned
as of late and with quite a bit of character which to be latter the on the
unfavorable - baleful at most...

Thanks for all and any responses as for lately:)