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28 April 2011 - 1:14am

What About A Land Based Casino Discussion Forum?

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I know that this site revolves around our passion for online gambling, and I know that we all live over various parts of the world, but have you ever given any thought to creating a sub forum for land based casinos? I am sure that I could add some posts to that area that would likely be a little more relevant instead of posting something into the online casino discussion forum.

What do you think, would that be expanding out too far from the focus of online gambling?

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28 April 2011 - 1:39am

We have tried to keep the number of different forums small as there is nothing worse than seeing a forum with 20 different categories and most of them empty. But in this case I don't see a problem, its very relevant!

So here you go:

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28 April 2011 - 1:23pm

Great suggestion barbadosslim! Thumb Up

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