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16 October 2010 - 9:41pm

New features: points and unread forum posts

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We have added a couple of things in the last week or so that I thought its about time I shared...

Unread forum posts
If you are looking for a simple list of all unread forum posts since your last visit then we now have you covered. Just hover over your username at the top of the screen and click "Recent Posts" in the drop down menu. There you will see 3 choices: "Recent posts" covers everything on the site, "My recent posts" is self explanatory, and "New forum posts" is a convenient way of seeing all the latest forum stuff.

What this points thing then?
If you're a regular forum visitor you have probably noticed that under your posts count we have recently added a "points" counter.

We have set up a system which allows you to automatically earn points for contributing to our community. So far you get 1 point for making a comment and 3 points for starting a new forum topic. We can add other automatic rules if you can think of any other suggestions, and we can also manually give people points if we think they are deserving.

So what is the point (!)
Prizes, bonuses and fun stuff. What else? Wink

You will be able to use your points to trade in for free stuff. We'll be setting up free chips, bonuses, real prizes and some exclusive forum stuff like special titles. But more on that later ... firsts things first, just keep contributing to our forums and bank those points.

"Points" is a sucky name, can you think of something better?
We can rename "points". We have a few ideas but we would also like to hear yours.

So with that in mind we're running a competition this month...

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