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29 January 2011 - 8:41am

Real Vegas Casino

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Has Anyone played at Real Vegas Casino recently? Anyone get paid?

I am guilty of playing at this casino, without researching. It seems you can put money in, but can't pull it out.

Just heads up , that they still do not payout your winnings. Back in sept 2010 , I used a coupon (Deposit $20 and they give you $980) . I did meet the requirements and cashed out.
Afterwards while i was waiting, I did use 2 free chips in a row and did not win with these. A few weeks later
they tell me that my winnings were voided because I used 2 free chips in a row. I did try to reason with them, that I won the cash before I used the 2 free chips. I was wasting my time arguing with them , and hung up. I thought this was fishy business, and looked any complaints about them and people had the same issues back in 2005.

I chatted with RVO again and got the same excuse on the consecutive 2 freechips, even though i won my money before i used my free chips. I was''t getting nowhere with them, and they gave me back my $20.
I could not cash this out since the min withdraw was $50. So I played it and made just under $200 and cashed out in at in sept 23rd ,2010. it has now been over 4 months and my cashout has not been processed to this date Every
time I call,they say they will . forward my requests to there withdraw dept, and I would receive an email. After 4 month of this, and reading other reviews, I am pretty sure I have been scammed.

This is a warning that this casino is still not paying out.

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29 January 2011 - 12:52pm

Hi poker11, I am really sorry to tell you this but they are on our blacklist as part of the rogue "Curgam Malta" group.

Some players may have heard of Mighty Slots ripping people off left, right, and centre. This is the same ownership. They are one of the worst groups of online casinos at the moment, so you have very little chance of seeing your money.

Their FAQ on their website tells me all I need to know:


Is Real Vegas Online licensed?
Yes, we are fully licensed in Costa Rica and operate with complete compliance of all laws pertaining to online gambling.

There are no laws pertaining to online gambling in Costa Rica other than they are not allowed to accept Costa Rican customers. Their "license" is a standard business license, nothing more, and there is no oversight or regulation of them at all. So they can do what they like and unless you're willing to track them down and take them to court in Costa Rica, there's nothing you can really do apart from warning others.

Sorry once again.

Always play it safe! Consult our list of rogue casinos and warnings before depositing at a new casino.
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