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25 June 2010 - 10:14pm

Silver Oak Casino HELP!!

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After visiting this site I realize I really should have done my homework before making a deposit with Silver Oak Casino!!

Last weekend I made a deposit for $500. I had a great night playing black jack for several hours ending up with $4600 in my account. I requested a withdrawl for the full amount (I had to request two seperate withdrawls to do so). For several days the withdrawl was pending. Today I logged in and see that the withdrawl appears to have been approved!! Good news (Right??). Anxious to see how long I would need to wait to collect my winnings I called the casino support line. First call I am placed on hold for 32minutes. I call back and am placed on hold again, but for ony 5 minutes as I expressed my concern about my first call. After being on hold the customer service rep informed me he was still trying to figure out what the problem was (problem??? not good!!). He asked me to call back in 15 minutes so I would not have to wait on hold again. I ask for his name. He gives his first name. I ask for a last name and he is hesitant, stating he is the only George there, but just in case he gives it to me. After 15 minute wait I call back and ask for George. After a small delay I am transfered to George. He states that the problem is that my bank declined my deposit. I am confused as when I made my deposit the casino informed me it was approved and allowed me to play the night away. He states that since the original deposit never officially cleared that I never officially won any money and would not be paid. Then he states that if I make another deposit immediately with the same card and for the same exact amount, and if it is approved they will pay me. Skeptical I ask for his supervisor. The supervisor is very curt and to the point. He denies my request to pay me my winnings minus the amount I deposited that he says they never got. He advises me that if I make the deposit again, and if it is approved, he will be able to pay me out. Plus, he states this is him going above and beyond and that it is not normal protocal. I checked my credit card online and do not see that the charge went through. I crossed my fingers and made the deposit request again. The online casino says my deposit is approved. I call customer care back again and request to speak with the manager again. I inform him of the succesful deposit. He says great, but sound disingenuous. He quickly states he will process my withdrawl. I can tell he is eager to get off the phone. I ask how the withdrawl will be paid. He then asks me if I have submitted all the rquried paperwork. This is the first time I have heard of this. He tells me he will send me the instructions to do so via email. Looks like now I will have to fill out a form with my information, provide a photo copy of my credit card, drivers license, and a utility bill.

This whole thing just doesn't sound right. I will not believe anything until I am actually paid. Anyone have any thoughts? Have you heard of this before? Should I send all that information? I will keep you all informed on how the process goes from here. I am certainly crossing my fingers!

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26 June 2010 - 4:34am

Yes, you need to send in copy of your credit card, driver license and a utility bill to any RTG casino before they pay you.

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27 June 2010 - 12:22am

Yes it is normal that they will attempt to verify your identity. This should normally be seen as a good thing as it reduces the risk of fraudsters ripping off the casinos, which all legitimate players end up paying for in the end anyway.

If you are sending in a scan or photocopy of your credit card, it is normally best to hide the middle 8 digits of the card number so that it can't be mis-used by an unscrupulous employee. Same for a driver's license - hide your signature and some of the digits of the license number. Just to be safe.

But ... my first instinct with this casino would have been not to make the 2nd deposit. I sincerely hope for your sake that they do indeed decide to pay you. Please keep us updated.

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