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29 April 2023 - 10:53am

Jackpot Capital Casino void 15k wins and close account

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I received an email notification from Jackpot Capital Casino regarding a missing deposit in my account, which was made using Bitcoin.

My account was temporarily locked, but after settling the outstanding balance, I received confirmation via a phone call that my account had been reopened, and I was able to start playing again. Unfortunately, after 2 hours of playing, my account was disconnected, and I have been unable to reconnect ever since.

I made several deposits using BTC and other cryptocurrencies, and from my end, all transactions were completed successfully. However, these deposits were not credited to casino account due to a technical issue in the blockchain.

I want to emphasize that this was not done intentionally, and I settled the deposits on my end before requesting the reopening of my account. This demonstrates my good faith and honesty in resolving this matter.

I would like to mention that I have faced similar situations twice in the past with one other RTG casinos, Playcroco. In both cases, I was contacted via email, made a redeposit, and the matter was settled promptly.

I had the opportunity to discuss this issue with Playcroco management, who assured me that the missing deposit should not be attributed to either my fault or the casino's fault. They explained that it was merely a glitch in the transaction process, emphasizing that Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed, unlike fiat transactions.

On Jackpot Capital Casino my deposits were indeed settled and cleared on their end, and upon reaching out to customer support and confirming that the deposit was cleared on their end, my account was reactivated, as per a phone conversation with a chat agent. Following these steps, I was able to log in again and make a deposit (available screenshot as proof). At that time, my account balance reached $17,000 (available screenshot as proof).

At the time of disconnection, my balance was at 15,000. after four days, I received an email from the casino stating that their management had decided to terminate my account. However, they are willing to return my original deposit to me.

I am willing to provide all necessary evidence to support my claims, including documentation of correspondence, screenshots of my casino balance, proof of payment(s) and any other relevant proof.

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1 May 2023 - 5:10pm

Interesting. I don't know too much about blockchain technology, but it appears there's some sort of issue getting the funds there. I understand them locking you down if the issues are there, but I'd be interested to hear what others have to say about your predicament. Good luck!

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31 May 2023 - 7:00am

It sounds like you may have fallen victim to the current backlog on the Bitcoin blockchain. A little while ago for some reason Bitcoin was "upgraded" to allow these things called ordinals to be posted with transactions. This has resulted in an explosion of people posting images and other assorted stupid NFT crap which takes up far more block space than simple monetary transactions. The end result: a huge backlog of transactions and an increase in fees as people try to outbid each other to get their transactions processed faster.

If that is the case, you may be able to speed the process up by increasing the fee on your transactions if whatever wallet you used to send them supports "replace by fee". If you know a transaction id for your BTC transfers you could post it here and we could look it up to see what the fee level was set to and how likely its going to come through soon.

It is worth trying to explain this to the casino, but be aware that I don't think that RTG casinos like Jackpot Capital accept bitcoin directly. It goes through a third party payment processor who likely receives the crypto and credits them in dollars. So they may be at the mercy of the payment processor.

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3 June 2023 - 1:20am

So, any news on this? Hav you tried @Cl-Ed 's advice?