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20 September 2022 - 7:50pm

Magical spins - get_game_link error

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I'll make this hopefully short and sweet.

Background -

Been with Magical spin for approx 3 years, successful deposits, successful use of vpns for certain desired software play, bonuses successfully recieved according to deposit ratio, no problems what so ever.

Issue -
Entire history and activity erased from my active account (even when a deposit was successfully made within the 30days of the issue). Absolutely no data held in any of the betting, transaction, deposits, bonuses logs.

Made contact with live chat to initially request my monthly cash back bonus which is normally automatically applied from the 1st to the 5th of every month. (This has never been something I've needed to do, hence automatically added)
I argued with the representative regarding my account being actively used over a period of 3 years, where she was stating this to be incorrect they state that the account has NEVER had any active sessions, no deposits made or literally anything accessed prior to connecting with them.
After several minutes, they closed the chat.
I had then contacted them again with this issue roughly 4 more times via chat, still resulting in the same responses. I then contacted support and they handballed back to chat stating this kind of issue they could deal with. I wasn't taking no for an answer.
They then tried adding free spins to my account after I had successfully convinced them (with emails as proof in deposits) that I'd been on the site for years. These spins didn't not allow me to play the games (vpn tried from several countries via several vpn provider apps) they then swapped it for cash balance of $5 aud, this still resulted in game errors.

I contacted support AGAIN with screenshots.

Please see the attachment of the emails back and forth with no resolution.

Remembering that this all began AFTER Mt account was wiped yet they won't deal with the issue.

Get_game_link_game_not_available is the error, is that not an error where an account has not been fully activated interms of command prompts or something similar? I.e - Software - enabled/disabled - Disabled kinda issue

Hope all this makes sense

The attachment "screenshot" labelled ones are the attempts via chat
The most important attachments are the magical spin support email attachment and the initial game error attachment.

Basically my question is: this get_game_link_game_not_available error is not something I can handle at my end is it? As stated I have used the recommended VPN app they gave me (windcribe) connected successfully to many locations including the recommended Japan, Norway, Canada etc locations they had asked me too so from where stand this is
MagicalSpins technical department related issue, correct?


Screenshot of initial error
Chat correspondence
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22 September 2022 - 1:44am

Hi Kleigh1988, I read your first screenshot but I deleted it as it revealed your name and email address.

There are things in what you have described there that scream rogue casino to me.

I have seen other casinos that only allow you to search through the past 30 days for transaction and gameplay history while logged in. However you should always be able to contact support and ask them for a full dump of your account history. If you can't do that at this casino then something is seriously wrong.

The vast majority of casinos ban players from using VPNs for many reasons, one of which is why you are using one - they may allow you to play games that are otherwise blocked from your location. It isn't the casinos themselves that put in those blocks (they don't care and would prefer you could play whatever you liked). It is the software providers that create the games themselves that block individual games.

So if this casino is actively encouraging you to use a VPN they are most likely breaking their licensing agreement with the software supplier and opening themselves up to legal action. "Not your problem" you may say (and you may be right), but if you win a significant amount or progressive jackpot while playing a game that is blocked from where you live, you are highly unlikely to be paid. Either the supplier investigates and finds out about the VPN usage or the casino decides to use it as an excuse not to pay, which they could do at any time.

The game unavailable error message you are seeing is most likely something that is out of the casino's control, which is why the support has no idea. The software supplier that serves the game can probably detect that you are using a VPN (which is trivial these days) and blocking accordingly. Or the game suppliers could just stop supplying their games to the casino altogether if they discover that the casino is encouraging their players to use VPNs to dodge geo-blocking.

I noticed this rule in their T&Cs while looking to see if they had anything there about VPN usage (they don't). This one is outright rogue IMHO:


4.7 The player may put a daily deposit limit directly through his player account. In this case, the weekly withdrawal limit will be 10 times the amount of the daily deposit limit (capped at 2.500 euros).

This is a rule that we have started to see more often at scummy casinos. They try to discourage people with gambling problems from putting limits on their accounts by penalising them if they do so. The lowered withdrawal limit means the withdrawal gets stretched out in instalments over weeks and guess who the people are that are most likely to be unable to resist the urge to play and lose their winnings? It is predatory, deliberately targeted at problem gamblers, and not allowed at casinos that are licensed by proper regulators. Of course Magical Spins is an unregulated casino as it only holds a worthless Curacao faux "license".

Always play it safe! Consult our list of rogue casinos and warnings before depositing at a new casino.
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22 September 2022 - 5:32am

Wow this is very much appreciated for the time you've taken to be thorough. Okay now I understand and know exactly where I stand with things.

Thank you very much