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5 December 2021 - 1:22pm

Wildz casino bank card proof of ownership?

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Hi there! Really hope this is the right place to ask. I recently had to get my bank card replaced and I can't get it verified at wildz casino. They're asking me for proof of card ownership or a bank statement for my card. I bank with CIBC and so my bank statements have my name, account and transit number but no card number, they're not being accepted. I called CIBC and went into my branch to ask for a letter just saying that the card belongs to me and both times I was refused and told they don't do anything like that and to have a nice day. If anyone has any ideas on what I could do I'm all ears

Thanks so much

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6 December 2021 - 1:51am

Surely one piece of ID with your name on it and then a photo of the card with your name on it too (block out the card number so they can only see the last 4 digits) should suffice? It does at every other casino that asks for this information.

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6 December 2021 - 5:33am

Are you saying that because your card was replaced you don't have the original to provide, and presumably the replacement has a different number?

Otherwise yes, just submitting a scan/photo of the card should suffice.

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6 December 2021 - 9:54am

Thanks for the replies! They initially asked for a picture of the front and back and that got approved, and then shot me a new payment request for this proof. After reading Ed's comment I decided to resubmit pictures with my id too but I'm nervous that they want something on paper. Hoping someone sees my name on my id and my bank statement and just approves it lol

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6 December 2021 - 10:03am

And yes I don't have my old card anymore, when I got my replacement I had to ask them to manually delete my old cards to add this one so they don't even have my old card on my account anymore

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10 December 2021 - 11:04am

I've had a similar situation, where a casino asked for me to verify a card that was expired and I didn't physically have it anymore. But after explaining it to support that issue got resolved. I have to say I've played at Wildz and I'd recommend to just be calm and cooperate and I'm sure it will get resolved. 🙂