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9 March 2021 - 9:32am

Casino Gods and Yeti Casino no verification in process and dont take gambling addiction serious

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Two casinos registered with the UK gaming board

- YETI CASINO: will only verify and contact or proceed with verification purposes after you deposited at total of 2300 euros or R25,000 .. then if found to be underage or gambling addiction they lock the accounts which is understanding but if your kid deposited 2,300 euros or R25000 They will not refund you ...
so they let you deposit keep the money and refuse a refund and if you cashed out refused to pay you, this is in my eyes fraud and theft from the casinos side.
trust me if you have a gambling problem and make that first deposit.. and then verified loosing R150 then locking the account and not getting a refund is a reasonable understanding and at the same time only lost R150 , what if you lost R25,000 to most south aficans that is a lot of money then no refund to bad casino scammed you out of R25000

Casino Gods: none of these casinos do verification and allow players like myself to deposit R390 I think that between the 4 casinos I played lost the entire R1200 I had to my name.. my argument is why are we with gambling addictions not ona global verification system accesible to all casino
if verified after the 1st deposit the casino would of saved us from loosing a ton of money we cant afford to play,
and therefore should as a neww depoiting player be contacted after the first purchase
verify age , gambling addictions , if players are fraudelent

- so based on this R390.00 was lost at casino Gods and R160 at yeti casino, as been reasonable said to refund 50% given that first deposit made and lost then if verified all in order

bot refused, both simple stated that we do not give a sh!t about your gambling addiction problems you lost this amount of money and we will keep that ...

As they did not verify to see if i am listed gambling addiction , allowed me to deposit and only once i told them lock the account they would of continued to let me deposit and if cashed out refused my cashin and if spent r25000 refused to refund

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9 March 2021 - 10:53pm

Once again.. enough with the all CAPS thread titles. That's your last chance.

The €2300 limit is a rule instated by the Malta Gaming Authority for its licensees. That is what they are legally obligated to comply with. We could argue and speculate all day over whether that is appropriate or ethical or not, but it is what it is and they aren't going to get into trouble for complying with that rule.


my argument is why are we with gambling addictions not ona global verification system accesible to all casino

This is a good point but unfortunately there are only lists that vary between regulatory jurisdictions. Malta has made announcements in the past about having it own unified self exclusion list, as the UKGC does, but I have not heard whether they have followed through on that.

I said this on your other thread but it bears repeating:

You need to seek help to stop gambling. If you are blowing money that you need for food and a roof over your head then you are in serious trouble. I highly recommend that you contact the South African Responsible Gambling Foundation as soon as possible, and look into installing software on your computer or phone that will block your access to gambling sites. More info here.


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10 March 2021 - 6:32pm

Like Ed said, please get help. There are plenty of resources that can help you out. Please reach out and use them.