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5 December 2020 - 2:32am

jackpot city

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I have deposited a fair bit of cash at jackpot city casino. When finially I decided to withdraw 1000.00 on Sat Nov 28, 2020. It is now Friday Dec 4 and still have not received any money. I have sent them a light bill for proof of address and my id which also has my info. They sent me a email which stated that my id was ok but my address on my light bill was a mismatch. which it wasn't. They told me to go on their chat line and give them permission to update my information and then my withdraw would go through in which I did. But still nothing. I kept checking to see if it was there so Dec 4 I checked again with jackpot city and I had found that my 1000.00 was back in my balance. So I messaged the chat line again and they had said that it was put back there because they have not received my documents on time, which was a lie because I sent the documents the same time as I withdrew the 1000.00. And I even told them that I was depending on that money for rent and food in which you know due to COVID and the Christmas season being here you can use all the money you can get. So I did not see a problem with what I had said considering it should not matter with what I needed the money for. But anyways I let it go. But support chat had told me to go back and withdraw the funds again and trust them that This time it would be done more in a timely manner and less stressful then before. I then went and withdrew the money again and received a email stating that the withdraw is awaiting process. I then went to go back into my account on the jackpot city site when I did it was telling me I was using the wrong password which I knew wasn't. I contacted chat again that's when they had told me that I have been locked out for investigation for a statement That was used. I asked what it was and they said it was because I said I was waiting for the funds for rent and food. I don't think this is called for the withdraw should have not taken this long. I should have had the money before now. I won it fair and square. And they are using excuses not to give me my money. Money that is mine.

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6 December 2020 - 5:07pm

I haven't really had bad experiences with Jackpot City and I also haven't played there for a while. But I do think it can raise a few flags for Source of Wealth check if you mention food and rent as things you'll be spending your withdrawal. Regardless, it shouldn't be a reason for you to not receive winnings so fingers crossed you get your winnings.

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7 December 2020 - 2:28am

Yes as they are properly licensed they have to comply with responsible gambling regulations and when you say something like you need the money to pay for basic necessities then you're indicating that you should not be gambling in the first place. That said, it should not be a reason for them to refuse a payout. But it may result in them excluding you from their casino after paying you (i.e. shutting your account permanently).

They are a good operation with a long history and they haven't been in the business of ripping people off over the years. I used to play there myself until they stopped allowing Australians.

For future reference if you were lying and saying what you said about the food and rent in the hope that it would get you some sympathy and a quicker payout, then you've learned a lesson. On the other hand if it was the truth, you need to seriously consider stopping gambling because you should never be playing with money that you can't afford to lose.


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